“He Bite Me” Beyonce Ex Producer Faces Assault Charge

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Beyonce Ex Producer Faces Sexual Assault Charge

A platinum hip-hop creator who has worked with Beyonce, Jay-z and Lil Wayne is now accused of sexual misconduct by a couple women.

Beatmaker Noel Fisher, has been indicated with two individual restraining orders from protogee singers Kristina Buch as well as Peyton Ackley.

Earlier this month, the guy associated with Beyonce’s hit record “Drunk In Love” was openly implicated of sexual attack by Kristina Buch and Peyton Ackley.

The female recording artists submitted court documents express Fisher tricked them into sexual misconduct, which claim he may elevate their singing opportunities to the next level.

The detailed document, Buch states that following numerous instances, Detail pressured her “to keep vaginal/anal sex with him” after they had finished producing songs. She even claims he beat her at a hotel in Malibu, take hold of her hair, biting her, and strangling her.

Associates aspiring singer Ackley made matching accusations in the legal documents, where she recalled apparently being pressed into sex while yet another music producer watched, and alleged she was forced to take topless pictures while he exposed himself.

Another singer, Jessie Reyez’s had written a song named “Gatekeeper” recorded the encounter and misogyny she encountered in the recording industry, later, Reyez revealed the person of the song’s motivation was undoubtedly music producer Fisher.

The MeeToo Movement will continue to empower young women to speak up about abuse whether in the boardroom or studio.

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