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Hi, My Name is Reo and Im going to tell two secrets to The Music Industry Doesn't want you to know.

The Music Industry has been keeping a secret. A Secret if known... will kill the music and recording Industry overnight.

And force them to share profits with anyone with good song idea.

And while the industry spends million placing high-end studios in their artist's music videos and interviews.

The truth is...


70% of all music is produced and made in a home studio.

Hit records you heard on the radio like..

Drake " Im' on One"

Kyle "Likes"

Kendrick Lamar "Damn"

All produced by people like YOU with a good music idea!

And That leads me to the second secret..


These home studios only consist of a computer and music making software

Technology has made it easier to make great music without having a high-end studio..

Even Producer T-Minus has produced a catalog of hit records for Drake, DJ Khaled and others all with a computer and beatmaking software.

How many great beats do you think about in a day...

All YOU need is beatmaking software to make it real

A good beatmaking software consist of two things

Great Sounds
And a Sequencer

Great Sounds, Instruments and Drum kits allow you to create music that sounds industry standard.

Especially if these sounds are already being used by hot artists and producers

Next the sequencer allows you to record your ideas and add to them..

With each instrument and drum you add, your ideas stack together like a building blocks until you have a hit.

This makes it easy to take your music ideas and make them real.

If your reading the page, I assume you have a computer...

Now YOU need a Beatmaking Software to make your ideas real....

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